Relay on me the music for your projects

Do you need film scoring and original soundtracks for your short, your movie, your video game, a tune for your YouTube channel, a jingle for your advertising, your company? Relay on me the music for your project. Contact without commitment. My skills:

Sound quality

My tracks and files are prepared for the most sophisticated amplifier and always under the orders of the sound engineer.


I follow director’s intuitions and preferences, I obey the instructions of the project manager, I adapt myself to the team.

Any style

I don’t apply “a style” of music but I look for the most suitable one for the work and I apply myself to make it unique, special.


I’m interested in all the timing details, all possible games, hustling the nuances to make it shine your images, your narration.


Professional and prompt response: no surprises or excuses: your BSO within the agreed deadline.

Original music for movies, video, tv, games, advertising, corporate.